Tax and Accounting FAQ

Personal Taxes FAQs:

How much do you charge?

A basic personal return which includes 2 x T slips is $55.00 plus tax. Each addition information slip or item is $5.00.

Do I have to pay right away?

Payment is expected upon completion of the return prior to filing.

Where are you located?

Our personal taxes have several locations in Ottawa. For Business taxes we work throughout Canada. Office locations:

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes! Always.

Do you come to my home or is it only on site?

We stay on-site but do offer courier services to pick up and drop off your documents.

Do you have to make an appointment or do you do walk-ins?

We require pre-arranged appointments, which you can book online he re. You can try a walk-in but there is no guarantee we will be able to see you at that time.

What are your hours? Do you have Saturday appointments?

Our hours vary between offices and during peak tax season but are generally 9 to 5.

Do you offer Senior discounts?


Do you offer Military discounts?


What do I need to bring?
Do you offer free tax workshops?


Business Taxes FAQs:

How much do you charge for filing my corporate taxes?

Each business is different so while we can’t give you an exact price without speaking, our rates start at $700 + Tax.

How much do you charge for bookkeeping?

Because your business is unique, we want to make sure you get an accurate, custom quote, how we do this is through booking a time to speak with us here.

Our bookkeeping rates start at $300 + tax per month. 

Do you do on site work?

It depends on your situation, please set up a time to speak with us here.

Are you accepting new clients?

Always! We have an amazing, responsive team who are excited to work with you.

I hear you are on the cloud. Is that really secure?

Being on the cloud is actually MORE secure due to encryption technology. It’s like asking if online banking is secure…YES, it IS. We’ve worked with thousands of clients and have never had a problem.

Why don’t I pay you per hour like other places?

Most accounting and bookkeeping firms charge an hourly rate, which can be scary as you don’t know how much you’re paying each month. We charge a flat fee so no matter how many questions you have we won’t charge you more money, it’s that simple!

This motivates us EVEN MORE to do the work in a timely manner and deliver on what we say. 

If someone is charging you hourly it’s in THEIR best interest to be as slow as molasses. With a flat fee you know exactly how much your bill is each month, plus you can rest assured we will get things done on time.

What makes your firm different from others?

Most accounting and bookkeeping firms charge an hourly rate, which can be scary as you don’t know how much you’re paying each month.

    1. Many business owners come to us after they’ve overpaid, or worse, missed deadlines because their tax team wasn’t reliable or responsive. There are three things that sets Envolta apart…

      1. Rock solid reliability – we will never leave you high and dry, we will always be available and responsive. Taxes filed, on time, every time!

      2. Flat rate – each month you know what you’re paying, so you can feel comfortable in secure in your services with us.

      3. Technology – Many accounting and bookkeeping firms are working in the dinosaur age, either working on their own software, or doing things the old fashioned way. In both cases you’re held hostage and if anything comes up with Revenue Canada you’re not in a great position. At Envolta, we set things up right and incorporate cutting edge (and easy to use) technology, so your books can be easily streamlined, and no more paper.   

    Do you offer tax advisory?
    What kind of experience do you have?

    We have a wide range of people on the team with varying degrees, CPA, MBA, Payroll Specialists, bookkeepers and more!

    Do you do HST remittances?