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Growth Factory was founded in 2013 as a consultancy firm to help small businesses with their marketing.  Since then, Growth Factory has shifted and now focuses exclusively on the technology industry. 

Growth Factory co-founder Jennifer Nelson has over 20 years of marketing and business experience but she describes the world of accounting as something foreign to her.  For about 6 months Jennifer tried to do the bookkeeping on her own but quickly realized she would be better served by hiring an expert.

“We thought we knew what we were doing and we were organized.  It was the expertise that they brought and the methodology that really helped us. Switching to Envolta was hugely helpful.” Jennifer Nelson Growth Factory

For Growth Factory, Envolta is more than a bookkeeping firm.  Envolta acts as an accounting consultant for the Growth Factory business.  Jennifer says that since changing to Envolta, “David and Abdul are always on top of the account reminding me of deadlines and help keep us focused on maintaining our records.” 

“Over time as the business gets more clients, and more revenue David has been wickedly flexible with the way my business has changed over the last 5 years.  His knowledge and quickness to act is amazing.” Jennifer Nelson Growth Factory

Growth Factory uses Envolta for corporate tax, personal tax, HST filings and bookkeeping.  Now Jennifer has a much better understanding about what they owe to CRA.  She says, that “…as a business owner it’s hard to stay on top of these things.  Working with Envolta gives us the confidence that things will be filed on time and done properly” and they find that tremendously helpful for their business.

Jennifer has referred other small businesses, friends, and other consultancies to use Envolta’s services.  She recommends them because of three factors, they are thorough, detail oriented and very responsive.  Jennifer says “…as a small business owner you have questions about an area where you are not the expert.  Being able to pick up the phone and call David or Abdul and get an answer to small or big questions is really valuable.”

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