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Scott Cleator and Rob Bittner founded Lumos Electric Inc. in January of 2018.  Their mission is to set small goals for their business and grow organically over time by building repeat business and loyal customers.  Despite being a young company they already have many loyal clients, including Envolta.  Lumos wants to build a company that is respected by providing excellent workmanship with high customer satisfaction. 

By incorporating technology, Lumos has differentiated themselves from their competition.  Through tablets and software, they can organize schedules, interface with clients, respond to emails, and receive payments.  Customers love how streamlined everything is.  By using great software Lumos is able to focus on building relationships and focus on providing excellent customer service.   

“Bookkeeping takes a lot of time and is tedious work.  Being a smaller company we don’t have the time or desire to do bookkeeping.  We want to focus on the customer, and the electrical work, not the receipts.” – Rob Bittner

Scott and Rob discovered Envolta through the web and were impressed by their professional website and excellent customer satisfaction.  Rob said that the biggest factor in their partnership was that “Envolta understands we like working with technology and so do they.  Envolta works with us using the programs that we need for our business.”  Envolta has introduced other platforms and software that help make everything work together seamlessly. 

Lumos uses Envolta for bookkeeping, tax filing, accounts receivable/payable, HST, and corporate tax.    

Envolta has always been there for Lumos when needed.  Rob said, “our business can call their office if we have a question or need advice, and they are willing to work with you.”  Envolta bookkeepers learned how to use Lumos software because they knew that solution worked and helped the business. 

“If we had to take care of the bookkeeping we would be up all hours of the night trying to get it sorted.  Running a business is stressful enough.  That’s how you fall behind and make mistakes.  By partnering with Envolta it lets us focus on growing the business.” – Rob Bittner

Envolta has helped Lumos with incorporation, required paperwork, maintaining books, ensure payments get made on-time.  Co-founder Rob Bittner says that “without Envolta we wouldn’t be as stress-free in the bookkeeping and tax department as we are today.  We wouldn’t be as focused on growing our business without them.  We appreciate the work that they do.” 

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