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Medron Medical Systems Inc. is an importer of medical products that they sell and distribute throughout Canada.  Medron’s founder Ron Wallace has over 35 years of experience working in the medical field.  They incorporated in 2017 and have goals of becoming a million dollar company within the next 3 years. 

Before incorporating Ron was a sole proprietor doing everything from invoices, marketing, sales, and bookkeeping.  With so many things to do, Ron found he didn’t have the time to include bookkeeping and data entry.  Prior to using Envolta Ron tried using Quickbooks Online to help him manage his bookkeeping.  He found that there was a steep learning curve and it was a challenge to learn all the functions Quickbooks offers. 

“Envolta is a company that takes care of small businesses.  Their services are timely and accurate. Our business partnership is a pleasure.” Ron Medron Medron Medical Systems Inc.

When choosing a new bookkeeper Ron said, “I wanted expertise from a company that uses Quickbooks.  Envolta was opening a new office in my neighbourhood and the location was very important to me.”  He liked that they have extensive small business knowledge, excellent data entry, and helped him with an outstanding GST audit. 

Medron uses Envolta for personal income taxes, corporate taxes, as well as Medron’s bookkeeping.  Since switching, Ron has noticed that the Envolta offices and much busier but he can still get great personal service.  Ron likes that “…he has an appointed senior bookkeeper who can resolve any issues that come up in a timely and accurate manner.”  He also reports that he “…has much more time to spend on sales and marketing components of the business.  Ron attributes his businesses 130% growth to the decision to hire a bookkeeper because of the extra time he now spends on marketing and sales. 

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