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Donna Lamport-Durocher is a co-founder of Motion Matters physiotherapy clinic.  Founded in 1999 they have developed into a successful medium sized clinic that prides itself on being owned and run by physiotherapists. 

At Motion Matters, the owners actually do the physical therapy treatments, as well as directing the physio team and running the business as well.  Their competition in Ottawa tends to be larger franchise type businesses or very small clinics.  By creating an owner operated medium size clinic they are able to offer all the services of the larger businesses while providing the same kind of client attention of a boutique clinic. 

Their mission is to provide the highest quality physiotherapy treatment in the downtown core by focussing on education and injury prevention.  They offer a full range of physiotherapy services like acute care, rehabilitation, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents as well as personal training, group exercise (pilates/yoga) and massage therapy.  Since the personal training and exercise classes are taught by physiotherapists the costs are covered by insurance. 

As a smaller business Motion Matters didn’t have a large budget to put toward a big accounting firm so they first tried to take care of it internally.  They quickly realized that they didn’t have the expertise required so they hired a larger sized accounting firm.  The problem with that accounting firm was that they weren’t getting the attention they required. 

“What we found frustrating was that we didn’t get a lot of advice.  We were paying them, and quite a bit, to do our taxes.  With Envolta we get an accountant and business advisor.” Donna Lamport-Durocher Motion Matters

Donna found Envolta through the web.  When meeting with David for the first time the Motion Matters team were really impressed by David’s communication, listening skills and background in business administration.  Other accounting firms were able to provide the accounting to Motion Matters but Donna likes that Envolta is able to provide business advice and help take her business to the next level. 

Motion Matters has been with Envolta for the past 3 years.  Donna enjoys being able to call Envolta with any problem and usually get a reply within an hour.  “We love Envolta’s communication.  They are very good at resolving issues, following up with us and explaining to us what the problem and solutions are in a way we can understand.”

Motion Matters use Envolta for tax services, bookkeeping, business services, and payroll.  Since making the switch to Envolta Donna reports that their business is much more efficient at making accurate and reliable budgets.  She says that “…there are fewer surprises and the business has a much better sense of direction and control over the finances.”

The Motion Matters team has very high standards when it comes to the care they provide to their patients, they value that Envolta is a business that meets their high standards.

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