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Matthew Shipley is a certified financial planner at Three Degree Wealth Advisory Inc. working to provide wealth management for families and business owners.  Since 2008 the vision of the business is to empower their clients to gain clarity in answering three questions, what is the plan, are they on track, and are they missing anything?  Matthew says that “…it may sound simple but, there is a lot of work to be done before a client can confidently answer those questions.” 

When asked about the industry competition, Matthew was happy to say that most firms and advisors do a good job of speaking to their clients about financial products and providing investment advice.  Three Degree separates themselves from the competition by asking a lot of questions and doing a lot of listening in order to build trust and fully understand the client’s goals and objectives.  Matthew knows that the client’s goals are constantly evolving and he takes them through a well-defined review process to keep everything current. 

Matthew points out that in the financial planning world, the industry is shifting from an outbound sales role to an inbound planning profession.  The result is commission revenue from the sale of products and a need to establish a process for compensation whether that be through fees or direct invoicing. 

When choosing Envolta, there were a few aspects of their business that Matthew liked, “Envolta just seemed to offer more, and as my business grew the services that we used were scalable.  Even as Envolta expanded they were still able to provide great service.  Being able to relate to our situation [of growing a business] meant that David knew what we were experiencing. Envolta has provided amazing advice on how to grow the business.  They provide the right information when it comes to structuring loan agreements and how to input them into QuickBooks.”

“It’s very easy to get a hold of them and they respond very, very quickly.  No matter what needs to get done they have the ability to fix it.  When I call I am not put on hold.  Their strength is their speed. and the chameleon-like ability to match accounting need with whatever service needs to be done.” Matthew Shipley

Matthew has referred many of his clients to Envolta’s services.  He says that “…when our clients work with Envolta, there is now a direct communication channel for tax planning purposes. This allows us to provide coordinated advice that truly benefits the client, and is effective for our business from a practice management perspective.”

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