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Tungsten Collaborative is a product development firm in Ottawa Ontario.  Their team is made up of some very talented industrial designers and mechanical engineers who help their clients take a product or idea and turn it into something that can be brought to the marketplace.  Since 2014 they have been helping clients turn their ideas and creations into real physical products.  Bill Dicke of Tungsten Collaborative says that “…in this industry many firms focus on offering either design or engineering services but not both.”  Tungsten Collaborative is different because they offer a more balanced approach in combining the design and engineering disciplines.  Bill Dicke of cleverly compares it to the synergy between accountants and bookkeepers.

The mission of Tungsten Collaborative is to design products that people love.

Before switching to Envolta Tungsten Collaborative was working with an accountant, lawyer and bookkeeper that helped them set up/structure the business, file taxes and acquire loans.  Bill Dicke says that “…during this process there was a lot of finger pointing between bookkeepers and accountants in terms of who was responsible for what.” As the COO Bill was having a really challenging time getting the required information in a timely manner from either party.  The result was a lot of wasted time getting the information that was needed. 

When restructuring the business Tungsten Collaborative was looking for a single solution.  They wanted a company that was going to handle bookkeeping as well as the accountant and act as a “one-stop-shop”.

Tungsten Collaborative has been with Envolta for just over a year.  They chose Envolta because the initial contact with David and 2 other Envolta executives was so good that Tungsten Collaborative was confident Envolta could handle the transfer. 

“It was a really good fit with the culture. David was understanding of what we were trying to do and it’s been that way ever since.” – Bill Dicke Tungsten Collaborative

One of Envolta’s best strengths is their listening abilities.  When transitioning to Envolta Tungsten Collaborative required on-site support.  During this period Envolta sent over bookkeepers that worked in the Tungsten Collaborative offices twice a week for the first few months.  This meant Envolta learned how Tungsten Collaborative ran their business and helped put systems in place that streamlined aspects of their small business.

“Our assigned bookkeeper, Rachel, knows exactly what we are doing and what we are trying to accomplish.  She can easily paint a picture for the accountant and can do stuff on her own.  It’s great for our business.”  Bill Dicke Tungsten Collaborative

Since switching Tungsten Collaborative notices much better attention to detail, and responsiveness.  When Tungsten Collaborative missed something on their end, David dropped everything and solved the problem for them.  If ever Tungsten Collaborative misses a detail Envolta is there to pick it up.  Tungsten Collaborative recommends Envolta to any small or growing business.  “They help us realize our financial needs and achieve our financial goals. In less than a year we have added 2 additional employees.  We attribute part of that growth to the financial guidance provided by Envolta.” – Bill Dicke Tungsten Collaborative

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