Our Team

Meet our team of accountants and bookkeepers

We’re proud to introduce the dedicated team that builds our services, supports our customers, and works hard for our tax preparation clients and small business owners to run their business.

Expertise ranging from accounting to masters in business administration, many of the ENVOLTA team members share another important quality:

We always put the client first!

With three locations across Ottawa, ENVOLTA has team members that make our company tick. From dealing with customers, to handling any accounting situation, we have the staff to do it. In addition, our team members come from a diverse range of background, have varied skills, and enjoy lots of different things.

David DiNardo

Business Commerce, MBA, President and CEO

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 100

ENVOLTA started in 2014, from an idea and belief that I can make a real impact in the community and..Read More

Victoria Peters

Operations Manager

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 210

I have been the Operations Manager at Envolta since November 2016. I genuinely enjoy my work, my co-workers and our…Read More

Karim Ghamra

Account Manager

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 207

With over twenty years of experience as Senior Finance Manager / Chief Accountant working for multinational companies such as …Read More

Valerie Fergusson

Office Manager

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 217

I started working for Envolta in September of 2017. Envolta is a fast growing company with a healthy office environment with a family like atmosphere and great…Read More

Brent Pecoskie

Account Manager

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 215

I joined Envolta November 2016.  The great thing about working with Envolta is the great team atmosphere.  It is always good to know you can rely on a team to meet…Read More

Chris Evans

Account Manager

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 209

I joined the Envolta team in January 2018 and immediately realized how fortunate I was to have this opportunity. Envolta is an organization where…Read More

Abdul Fatah

Account Manager

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 208

I started at Envolta in May 2014 as the first full time employee. Since I joined Envolta, I observed changes at…Read More

Geneva Redulla

Account Manager

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 200

I started as an intern student at Envolta in January 2016 and have moved my way up to my current position as an …Read More

Marilyn Henschel

Business Development

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 217

I have always had a passion to help business owners and non-profit organizations.  After working on my…Read More

Savannah Wei

Staff Accountant

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 222

I became a junior accountant at Envolta in 2018. Customer oriented values, friendly working…Read More

Angela MacGregor

Staff Accountant

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 223

I have been working at Envolta since August, 2018 as a full-cycle bookkeeper. The team at Envolta are very supportive The company is a family like…Read More

Rachel Boutet

Account Manager

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 214

After completing my Hospitality Management Diploma from Algonquin College, I had determined that…Read More

Laura Rever

Account Manager

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 206

Laura has a very strong work ethic and resume. She has a lot of experience and she continues to want to…Read More

Walid Doumyati

Staff Accountant 

(613) 567-7088

I took my first step into my career back in 1992 when I graduated with a Bachelor degree in…Read More

Elahe Jafariandehkrdi

Staff Accountant

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 211

After graduating from the University of Windsor in the Post Graduate Certificate program in Accounting, I moved to Ottawa to pursue a new…Read More

Brandon Rollocks

Staff Accountant

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 212

I joined the Envolta team in July 2018 after spending 5 years with…Read More

Yasser Mohamedaly

Title Here

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 213

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna…Read More

Ahmed Abdelgawad

Staff Accountant

(613) 567-7088

My name is Ahmed Abdelgawad, I joined Envolta on Oct 2018 as a Staff Accountant. I partner with business…Read More

Megha Jain

Staff Accountant

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 218

Having moved to Canada recently, my job hunt landed me at Envolta. Little did I know that I…Read More

Deepti Thakur

Staff Accountant

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 219

Envolta is the fastest growing accounting and tax leading company in Ottawa. It is a forward looking…Read More

Kandice Redmond

Account Manager

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 221

My bookkeeping journey began back in 2002 when I was a single mom. I have a Degree in Criminology from…Read More

Juliano DiNardo

Operations Manager – Personal Taxes

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 220

Juliano DiNardo starting with ENVOLTA in 2016. Prior to that, Mr. DiNardo ran a Liberty Tax franchise for over…Read More

Genevieve Wissell


(613) 567-7088

Ela Haidari

Title Here

(613) 567-7088 | Ext 220

Ela earned her degree in Accounting at Ottawa University in Ottawa. Afterwards he applied his analytical skills to accounting. She entered into this field by working with…Read More

Anjani Lakshmi


(613) 567-70881

Elias Daher

Human Resources Coordinator

(613) 567-7088