Jul 2, 2014

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

ENVOLTA Income Tax & Bookkeeping Service is a Canadian accounting firm located in Ottawa, Ontario. We provide back-office accounting and bookkeeping services by using the latest technologies to accounting & bookkeeping firms. Our aim is to reduce the burden of critical non-core functions by managing them in a more efficient, productive, and profitable manner. By doing so, we seek to support and enhance the business performance of our customers.
Bookkeeping Services: review and analyze the general ledger for accuracy; prepare adjusting entries; and run useful and customized reports for the business owner including internal financial statements.These processes are more subjective than bookkeeping services. They require a “big picture” understanding of the bookkeeping process in addition to familiarity with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Year-end procedures will be performed on the business owner’s books to ensure they are ready for review or audit by the accountant and/or tax preparer.
Accounting Services: involves determining the best setup and internal controls for a business owner’s bookkeeping system (it is not one system fits all);monitoring the system and interpreting the results;budgeting and cash flow monitoring;strategic planning and tax planning.These processes require the use of professional judgement. An in-depth knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the Income Tax Act are essential

We have followed a trend led by large companies i.e. outsourcing back-office functions remotely. By using our services for select processes your company will realize substantial savings. We are an outsourced accounting company providing the backup support of accounting and bookkeeping services by using our expertise and access to the latest technologies i.e. http://www.intuit.ca/intuit-products/index.jsp

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