Bookkeeping Courses In Ottawa 

Whether you are a small business owner who needs to know the basics for your own company bookkeeping, or someone who wants to learn bookkeeping techniques and practices for their own advancement, this bookkeeping course is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of bookkeeping and how to apply the knowledge and skills learned in both manual and computerized environments ( QuickBooks (from Intuit-

Our courses provides students with an understanding of the double entry system of bookkeeping and provides the essential accounting tools for the workplace. We explain the principles of handling a company’s books of accounts, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll. During these sessions students will practice entering data into journals, posting to ledgers, balancing the ledgers, performing trial balances, and entering adjustments into the records.

Bookkeeping Courses In Ottawa – BREAKDOWN:

  1. The History of Double Entry Bookkeeping; Personal Income Statements; Personal Net Worth Statements; Developing a Chart of Accounts; Bookkeeping for Debits and Credits; the Double Entry Concept
  2. The Books of Original Entry; the Purchases Journal; Vendors’ Invoices; the Sales Journal; Sales Invoices
  3. Cash Receipts Journal; Cash Disbursements Journal
  4. The Company Payroll; Using Deduction Tables; the Payroll Clearing Account; Remitting Payroll Deductions
  5. The General Journal; The General Ledger; Posting to the General Ledger; Understanding and Posting Subsidiary Ledgers; the General Ledger Trial Balance
  6. Adjusting Entries; Closing the Books; Reversing Entries

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