Apr 20, 2020

COVID 19 & Your Business: Opportunity Or Disaster?




Ashley Ryan: Hi, everyone. It’s Ashley. Ryan, the CMO at in Envolta accounting and bookkeeping and David the CEO and Founder and we wanted to talk to you about what’s going on in the world with


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Ashley Ryan: In terms of how business owners can be responding to this tough time and what’s going on, kind of on an emotional more emotional level and a business development level.


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Ashley Ryan: David has some thoughts on that. So, David, what are your thoughts in terms of Is This the big disaster or you know what’s happening here. What do you think


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David DiNardo: Well, to be honest with you, when this first came out, I was scared shiftless you know you’re looking at the news, you’re looking at all these things that are happening, you’re listening to people and you think that the world is going to end.


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David DiNardo: And it really isn’t. So the first week when I first found out about it scared.


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David DiNardo: Nervous. Anxious not knowing what the next step was and it wasn’t just me. That was going through. It was a ton of business owners.


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David DiNardo: And the feedback I got after that first shock of what was happening was, how we were going to handle it.


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David DiNardo: And I think I’m just so impressed with all the innovation that’s happened in the last two months and all the different business owners really stepping up and and even going outside their comfort zone even more in order to really handle this unprecedented time right now so


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David DiNardo: From an emotional perspective. I was scared shirtless


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David DiNardo: But from a reality perspective.


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David DiNardo: You know, I’ll tell you one example. You know, our personal tax took a really big hit.


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David DiNardo: In the sense of people would be coming into our locations doing their tax returns they resigned in there document all paper based and then we would send off their, their return electronically.


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David DiNardo: Well, when this hit clients didn’t want to come to the office, understandably, because they didn’t want to be exposed to it and also our employees.


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David DiNardo: Didn’t want to be at the office because they didn’t want to be exposed to it. They didn’t want to bring it to their families. There’s young children and and take it for pain in the whole nine yards there. So we had to come up with solutions.


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David DiNardo: You and myself and other members of our team sat down and we said, how can we turn this negative into a positive. So actually, what did we do


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Ashley Ryan: So we made some big changes. I mean, we were these were things we were actually thinking about before, but we hadn’t had the gusto yet to pull the trigger. So this really kicked us into high gear and so


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Ashley Ryan: We continue to bring everything online further to that next level that we needed to to make adjustments and it’s funny. Enter your mind like


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Ashley Ryan: Whenever something, there’s a big business decision I find in our mind. Sometimes we make it a bigger deal than it actually is. And then when you do it. It’s not actually so bad right


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David DiNardo: Exactly. So we ended up taking our personal tax online found software. So now clients can actually upload all their statements we get emails and then we have zoom sessions to finalize their tax returns


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David DiNardo: You know so innovations happening, people are finding different solutions to be profitable. Right. And we’re fortunate that 85% of our business is is already online and we’ve been kind of planning this for the last five years of being online one


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David DiNardo: Area of our business wasn’t and now it’s becoming online and we’re able to sort out all the issues. Another key thing is change management.


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David DiNardo: When there is a disaster that hits you can really turn this into a positive. Because a lot of your employees potentially a didn’t want to change are now going to change so that threshold of change management is able to happen.


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Ashley Ryan: Yes, and you kind of see the cream rises to the top, in terms of like in your organization or the systems that you’re working on. You can see where it’s not working. And then clean those up or whatever, it comes, it becomes more even more clear as to where kind of the focus needs to go.


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David DiNardo: Absolutely.


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Ashley Ryan: Yeah, so we hope this was helpful. We have a number of other videos kind of circulating right now on updates and things that are going on. So we encourage you to go on over to end voltage.ca


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Ashley Ryan: And on our website. You can get notified of these videos and of the things that we’re doing to support you and your business. You can also get a free consultation as well. If you go over again the URLs floating around my head right now.


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Ashley Ryan: But you can head on over there and I hope you stay tuned for other content.

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