Apr 20, 2020

COVID 19 & Your Job: You Can’t Just Be Good Anymore




Ashley Ryan: Hi everyone is Ashley Ryan and David DiNardo from Envolta bookkeeping and accounting accounting. We are. We’ve been rated the number one cloud accounting firm in North America.


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Ashley Ryan: So you’re going to want to pay attention to this video because today we’re talking about being a technical business owner, like a logistical business owner versus being an entrepreneur and say, having kind of the bigger picture at hand. David, what are your thoughts around that.


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David DiNardo: So prior to coven being a technical business owner great right you’re able to run your business do the work and you make a great profit.


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David DiNardo: Now those technical business owners really need to get into being an entrepreneur.


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David DiNardo: And what I mean by that still doing what they’re doing and be that specialists in their field, however, think of different opportunities.


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David DiNardo: Think of moving your company online, think of doing zoom calls with a client or a patient right now, rather than wait for them to come into your


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David DiNardo: Your office. Think of reviving your website. So it’s more modern. These are all the things that technical business owners need to start really thinking so that they don’t have to survive, they can really thrive in this time.


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Ashley Ryan: Right. So yeah, I think that’s a great point because that can be. That’s a very different mindset to and in business, in general, you’re not going to last very long. If you can’t innovate. So there’s an innovation piece to this right


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David DiNardo: And I can tell you the technical business owners that I am talking to are starting to really think from an entrepreneurs perspective.


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David DiNardo: And their comfort zone is expanding, because they have to. And I think that’s the one benefit of what’s going on right now our innovation.


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David DiNardo: And what’s going to happen after after this is all over. It’s going to be a whole different way of thinking and a whole different way of approaching business. Yeah.


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Ashley Ryan: I agree. And so if this resonates with you and you’re like huh. Okay, interesting.


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Ashley Ryan: You can head on over to involve.ca and we give you regular updates on kind of what’s happening in the accounting


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Ashley Ryan: Financial world in a way that you can understand and that is actually fun and interesting so you can head on over there will also do free consultations. So if you’re


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Ashley Ryan: If you have a lot of paper or you’re like this cloud accounting thing sounds really interesting real time numbers I can get access from anywhere, that kind of thing.


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Ashley Ryan: Or you just think we’re super cool and you want to work with us again you just go on over to involve.ca we do free consultations. We also do online tax filing. So if you’re anywhere in Canada. We can file your taxes for you online.


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David DiNardo: And and in regards to this.


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David DiNardo: Video. I just want to mention the services of the CFO and controller role. So we do advisor advisory services. So those technical business owners that need to take it to the next level.


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David DiNardo: We can act as that sounding board to help you make those financial decisions to take your business to the next level.


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Ashley Ryan: Now that’s a great point. We absolutely offer our guidance, which is key because it’s one thing that’s the difference between us and a lot of accounting firms is


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Ashley Ryan: Accountants don’t necessarily understand business, right. That’s where we add that extra component of understanding business and can help you there as well. Expand on your journey so head on over to end voltage.ca and we’ll see you there.


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Ashley Ryan: All right.


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