Instant Tax Refunds: Three locations To Serve You In Ottawa

With an instant tax refunds, your money can be in your hands when you do your taxes at any three ENVOLTA tax preparation offices in Ottawa.

Steps that need to take place:

1) Walk in or book an appointment online @

2) We will prepare your taxes for you

3) You will walk out with a cheque which you could cash immediately.

With an instant refund, you will be able to get your money on the spot and will not need to wait the time period for CRA to process your return!

If you require an Instant Tax Refund, come in to one of the our ENVOLTA location and we will be able to determine if you quality for this service.

ENVOLTA is governed by the discounting rebate act (, which requires ENVOLTA to deduct a discounting fee and will give you a cheque for the remainder amount. This is a fixed discounting fee which is regulated by The Canada Revenue Agency, for more information visit

Instant Tax Refund Restrictions:

  • If your social insurance number starts with 0.
    • If you were bankrupt in 2012 or your status is bankrupt according to CRA’s records.
    • If you are a new immigrant, or a non-resident.
    • If your address is outside of Canada.
    • If you are claiming any of these deductions:
    o Attendant care expenses or disability amount for the first time.
    o Foreign tax credit.
    o A spousal amount for non-resident spouse.
    o Dependent credit for non-resident.
    o Self-employment or Rental losses or Employment Expenses.
    o support payments.



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