Tax Preparation Classes: Coming This Fall!

Tax Preparation Class Overview:

Tax Preparation classes teach you how to prepare income tax returns properly using the most up-to-date tax laws. ENVOLTA Tax Preparation classes educate the public about every facet of individual income tax preparation.  Stay tune for a link on our website called “Enroll Now” and you’ll be on the way to freedom from the complexity of income tax regulations and the pursuit of a new career!

How long is the Tax Preparation Class?
In most locations, the classes consists of 1 week (5 business days) of training in the preparation of personal tax returns, followed by an additional 1 week of computer tax software training.

Will we be using computers?
The course is designed to give you foundation training in income tax preparation, and you will be working directly with an instructor, textbook and manual forms. Also, we will get you up to speed with the current software such as; Profile (  for best results.

Who teaches the classes?

All course instructors have specialized training in tax preparation from ENVOLTA Inc.

Are job opportunities available at ENVOLTA?

Many successful students are offered job interviews. Completion of the class is neither an offer nor a guarantee of employment –

Stay tune for additional information about tax preparation classes and when they will be held!



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