Apr 25, 2014

ENVOLTA – Tax Season

ENVOLTA Inc. Tax Season:

This year ENVOLTA Inc. opened two additional locations; which where 1315 Richmond in October while 503 Rideau Street came shortly after. During those months, a lot of planning, hiring, and executing happened. For example, the setup of the locations, designing the floor plan, branding the office, and most importantly; delivering the right message to clients.

Being able to deliver the right message to clients is vital for customer satisfaction and referrals. To be a company that has continuous success and ability to build their clientele thru referrals is very important for small business owners.

ENVOLTA Inc. delivers two major services, which are Income tax and Bookkeeping services. With the bulk of tax season being from November until June, a lot of our resource planning and advertising go into delivering our clients with the best possible service at the most affordable prices.

That does not suggest that we do not focus on bookkeeping as well. Throughout the year, we have a customer base that we maintain which includes; bank reconciliation, Payroll, HST remittance, and much more. (To see full list, please see the bookkeeping tab @envolta.ca)

That being said, ENVOLTA Inc. had a strong year in sales and are continuing to grow. With great employees and the right infrastructure, it gives us the opportunity to  build our customer bases with the greatest about of customer satisfaction!


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