Envolta Culture

Revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows… Are you bored yet? Overwhelmed? Thought so. Let Envolta give you the financial clarity that your business needs, in terms and language you already understand. We handle what you might call boring (we personally love it) but important accounting and bookkeeping mumbo-jumbo. You bring the vision, and Envolta will work the magic with numbers to make that vision a reality, and ultimately bring more joy.

Envolta takes a modern approach to numbers and to our work culture, aka you won’t find us crunching numbers in the deep dark corner.

Like many of our successful (but less cool) peers, Envolta strives to hire the best. Bring integrity, excellence, respect, inclusion, and a collaborative mindset to the workplace, and you’ll find success with our dream team. At Envolta, we encourage autonomous work schedules, the sharing of knowledge openly, broadly, and deliberately, and a creative respect for the rules. We embrace growth and reward excellence, ensuring your career with us will be long-term, fun, and with a focus on work/life balance.

Core philosophy

Our core philosophy is pushing for results, without wasting anyone’s time. We focus on building our dream team that works autonomously together. This approach allows us to create a work environment that is flexible, fun, life-allowing, creative, and collaborative, leading to greater success within the organization.

Real Values

Our dream team is made up of individuals who harness our real values, the specific behaviors and skills that we care about most. Excellence is rewarded at Envolta, and much of that excellence is achieved by embracing the below real values. The more these values sound like you and describe people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive at Envolta.

Take Ownership

You are the designer of your day, make an impact, think above and beyond your role


You are results-oriented and strive for excellence


You can assess your actions, aka admit when you make mistakes, and embrace feedback as an opportunity to grow


You can adapt to shifting priorities

Stay Curious

Commit to being a lifelong learner
Ditch your assumptions: assume everyone knows something you don’t
Be resourceful, pull inspiration from virtually everywhere
Always have innovation in the brain, think how can I take this to the next level?

Connect With Care

Connect with your numbers and connect your clients to numbers in a meaningful way
You listen well, ask more questions than you spend answering them, and pursue understanding before reacting
You fundamentally believe in building relationships with trust, integrity, compassion, and respect
You celebrate what makes us different, and embrace what others have to teach you

We’re Hiring

Toss your tie and come and work for the most cutting-edge accounting firm in Canada!

We take a modern approach to numbers and the same applies to our team and inclusive company culture. We embrace growth and reward excellence, ensuring your career with us will be long-term, fun and with a focus on work/ life balance. Apply today – we can hardly wait to support your goals!