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Consider your business finances taken care of, when the Envolta experts are on your team. We provide companies in Burlington expert financial advice, payroll implementation, tax planning and virtual CFO’s to help your business succeed!
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How can we help?

Our Burlington accountant experts are trained to provide accounting support to businesses of all sizes. But we aren’t the typical confusing accounting firm. We provide financial advice and implementations that are easy to understand, secure and accurate.

Save money

Our expert Burlington accountants are able to look for tax savings, prevent penalties, by meeting deadlines and pay vendors on time to avoid late fees. Our convenient monthly flat fee further allows your company to have a full accounting firm without the high price tag.

Access information in the cloud

All of our Burlington accounting clients rave about using the cloud. Specific to our process our cloud software allows companies to access up to date financial,fully automated, information anytime and anywhere

Accuracy from the experts

We know that having up to date accurate financials are a high priority for any Burlington company looking to thrive. Our signature tools and years of experience allows us to provide financials you can trust.

Services we provide

We provide a variety of fully customizable services perfect for any company that has employees, vendors and/or wants up to date information on their bookkeeping.


Know where all of your money is at all times. We assist your Burlington team in providing accurate up to date information concerning your accounting financials. With the assistance of our Burlington accounting experts and software we can track your expenses daily, preparing you for an error, stress free tax season.


Paying your employees accurately and on time is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly. We implement software that digitally allows employees to ask for time off, automates direct deposits, provides accurate tax information and submits, approves and reimburses expenses hassle free.

Corporate Tax

Corporate tax planning, in Burlington, can be expensive! We provide expert advice without the price tag. This service allows your company to leverage every tax advantage and easily file your taxes (minus the headaches).

Accounts Payable

Knowing where your money is going is the backbone of any successful Burlington business and paying them on time can reduce late fees and penalties. Our accounting experts make this service a priority, so as tax time approaches, you will be prepared.

Cloud Accounting

We transfer everyone over to the cloud, so our Burlington accounting clients can get accurate, up to date, financial information anytime they want! For anyone who is still using paper and excel spreadsheets, we can train you and your team to use our secure cloud software.

Tax Planning

We can help plan for the future so you reduce your tax liability. Briefly, Envolta helps Burlington corporations lower their effective tax rate by utilizing federal and provincial incentives that work to a companies advantage during tax time.

Virtual CFO

Having one of our Burlington Accountants act as your part time CFO saves you money and time! Envolta Professionals have a deep understanding of business accounting and our experience means you can make confident decisions during periods of transition. Our CFO’s allow you to focus your energy on your company’s priorities.

System Implementation

Our knowledgeable Burlington account managers will assist you along the way, helping answer any accounting financial questions and implementing essential processes. Envolta also provides training for anyone who needs to transfer accounting systems.

Personal Taxes

 If you aren’t a Burlington company but still want your taxes handled by a professional accountant we can help! We provide fast, super convenient, and secure filing of your taxes ENTIRELY online with competitive rates to suit your Burlington accounting budget.

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