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We are here to provide your finances the attention they deserve. By hiring Envolta accountants you secure a more positive financial future for you or your business. Take a look at all of the resources we provide, our process, and the exclusive network that is all available to you by being an Envolta customer!
Toronto Accountant - Personal Tax & Small Business Accountant Toronto

Personal Taxes

We combine our expertise with preeminent technology to create a customized strategy, preparing and submitting error-free tax information.


When you are part of Envolta, you get access to expert bookkeeping. We keep records of your previous and your current financial affairs – transactions and operations for your business so you can continue to flourish.


Our experts assist your business, making sure employee wages and salaries are sent on time and accurately.

Accounts Payable

Allow us, the expert bookkeepers and accountants, to provide a detailed picture of your companies’ liabilities and expenses that accrue. As tax time approaches, you will be prepared.

Cloud Accounting

Take advantage of our signature cloud accounting software, perfect for anyone looking for up-to-date, secure, accounting information for your business whenever you need it.

Corporate Tax

Consider your corporate taxes taken care of. Our expert Toronto accountants, calculate the profits of your business and thus determine the taxable income, submitting these amounts on your companies behalf.

Tax Planning

Having an expertly designed tax plan can be a game-changer – elevating your business to the next level, preparing you and your company for what’s ahead.

Virtual CFO

Your business deserves a knowledgeable and effective CFO. Select this service if you are looking for a C-suite team member that will make valuable financial decisions for your company without the typically high paycheck of full-time forward-facing CFO’s.

System Implementation

Our account managers can schedule trainings, and/or observe business practices providing a seamless and easy process from end to end.

Why hire an Envolta Accountant in Toronto?

Each of our experts have several years of experience assisting our clients with a variety of vital financial resources, customizing plans, and communicating to enable our clients to become even more successful. No matter the time or day or problem, we are here to make sure each of our clients has the tools to make impactful and comprehensive financial decisions. In short, our experts provide three invaluable resources for you and/or your business.


Having your financial information readily accessible, secure, cloud-based software, allows you to focus on other important company initiatives crucial to the success of your business.

Error Free/Money Saving

Our Toronto accountants use proprietary strategies and expert knowledge on current (and available) tax laws. Submitting superior, error-free financial information that saves you time and money, now and in the future.

Secure access to your tax information (ongoing updated information)

We use highly secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based software, allowing you access to your up-to-date tax information, whenever you need it.

Expert customized plan

Each one of our clients has unique tax needs. Our Envolta accountants create a unique customized plan, taking into account several factors like residency, tax credits, tax deductions, and other money-saving options.
We count beans, you drink coffee.

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The Envolta Process?

We have a process unlike any other. With a combination of proprietary strategies and these below services, your taxes will be taken care of free from error.

Cloud Based

Your tax information is safe with us! We secure all of your financial information in our cloud-based software, giving you access to up-to-date information whenever you need it.

Reliable Accountants

We have a team of experienced and communicative accountants available to help you or your company – preparing and submitting your tax returns.

Dedicated Account Manager

We are here to help when you need it. We realize taxes can take up a large amount of time. Use your time wisely by accessing your very own dedicated account manager, assisting you with a variety of financial tasks.

What you need to get started with our Toronto accountants

We provide a seamless transition from your previous accounting software and process to Envolta and subsequently secure cloud accounting software. We only need some of your time to get started.

Setup a brief consultation with our accountants

A brief consultation is all you need to officially get started with Evolta. We go over some of your questions, concerns and how we can help through our effective processes.

Access to your tax information (business or personal)

Once we get all of your information in our cloud-based software, we can start preparing your taxes and getting them submitted (on time and error-free)

What type of taxes are you filing?

Our experts are equipped to handle either business or personal taxes. Uniquely different, you will get an expert that will guide you through the process, customizing a plan that best suits your needs.

Business taxes

Whether you are small, and growing, or large and thriving we can support your businesses. No matter the size of the company it’s essential to have a team of accountants supporting your business. In the end, it saves you time and money.

Personal taxes

Our Toronto tax accountants are educated specifically in personal accounting. We offer tax accountant advice, planning, and preparation services, for anyone, e.g. self-employed and/ or earning foreign income. Feel confident that your taxes will be filed correctly, on time, and full of available money-saving options (e.g. tax credit if available).

Tax information you should know

What is a foreign tax credit?

A foreign tax credit is a deduction from the taxpayer’s Canadian tax otherwise payable that may be claimed in respect of foreign income or profits tax paid by the taxpayer for the year. This foreign income tax credit is available to any taxpayer who has been a resident of Canada at any time during the tax year. (source: Turbotax)

When will I get a tax refund?

If you are owed a tax refund and you apply online (electronically) you can expect it within 2 weeks. Envolta ensures you will get the most amount of refund permitted.

What are some deadlines I should know?

Typically, your taxes are due April 30th of each year (barring any country-wide date extensions). Your Envolta tax expert will ensure you get your tax information submitted on time.

What other accounting tax information are your experts knowledgeable about?

We can help with mostly anything involving your taxes! We encourage our clients to talk to us about: child and family benefits, savings and pension plans, charities and giving, GST/HST and/or potential home office expenses for employees.

Being part of the “Envolta Network”

The Envolta network is an exclusive (for clients only) communicated and distributed by our experts, supplying all of our clients with crucial tips/tricks for their accounting needs. This network keeps each one of our clients, informed and educated for their upcoming tax and financial decisions.

Are You Struggling With Your Personal Taxes?

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