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Accounting services are critical for the success of a business. Having your business’s financial services handled by an expert can be the determining factor to long-term success. Whether it’s bookkeeping, CFO support, or expert advice, our team is here to take care of all of your financial business operations so you can focus on creating a successful business in Whitby that thrives.
Professional Accounting Service in Whitby

Client services we provide

We provide accounting services to businesses of all sizes by offering our signature customized support for your businesses where you need it most. Gain peace of mind knowing that if you choose one or all of our services, your business’s accounting will be taken care of by accounting experts with years of valuable experience.


All Whitby businesses need financial management. Knowing where the money is coming and going is essential to accurately pay employees, estimate taxes, and pay vendors in a timely fashion.


The backbone of any successful business is payroll. Providing compensation to all employees in a timely manner is crucial for a business that is expanding. Our system allows businesses to valuable payroll options:

  • Automated pension calculations, insurance payments, and other benefits to pay employees with a few easy clicks.
  • Accurate tax deductions to prevent under or overpaying, allows employees to submit and get reimbursements and expenses approved.
  • Access (for employees) to pay slips, and T4’s
  • Easily manage vacation time and track unused hours that roll over from year to year
  • Direct payments

Corporate Tax

Ever wonder what tax credits your Whitby business might be eligible to receive? Or specific tax savings your business might qualify for? Ask us! We have provided corporate tax support, and savings, to hundreds of businesses in the Whitby area.

Accounts Payable

Paying vendors or suppliers on time can be a savings opportunity for any business. By allowing Envolta experts to handle the accounts payable of your businesses, you can virtually eliminate late fees and discrepancies that could cripple any business, thus, providing savings that add up!

Cloud Accounting

The cloud allows Whitby businesses to get up-to-date, technology focused information about the financial well-being of their company anytime, anywhere. Our clients appreciate that their accounting information is accurately and securely stored on the cloud. Not on the cloud yet? Don’t worry our team of accountants helps you transition everything to our secure cloud accounting system.

Tax Planning

A plan can make all of the difference when you are paying corporate taxes. We can recommend and help you strategize and become tax efficient for accounting. Providing financial oversight for your business.

Virtual CFO

Every company should have a CFO but a lot of them cannot afford a full time employee. That’s where we come in! Allow us to provide the support and expert advice a CFO would offer without the high price tag.

System Implementation

We’ve got your back! Allow our Whitby account managers to assist your business with the entire accounting process. We can schedule and host training sessions, observe business practices providing a customized seamless, and easy process from end to end.

Personal Taxes

We take the stress out of taxes and make sure you get the highest amount of rebates and tax credits available. Our accounting experts maintain long-term relationships and expert tax advice each year.

How much does it cost to get a Whitby accountant?

What makes us unique is our flat monthly fee for all of our accounting services. This pricing structure allows all of our clients to benefit from an estimated lower cost than our competitors, while still gaining support from our knowledgeable team.

When should I hire an accountant?

Every business deserves help with its accounting. You should hire a Whitby accounting professional if you are looking for expert advice from a tax accountant, bookkeeping support, and/or overall financial planning.
We count beans, you drink coffee.

Schedule your consult today! Speak to one of our tax specialists.

Small and Medium sized businesses

Accounting services can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Being able to plan your business’s finances, set up payroll, and keep up with bookkeeping can help save businesses money in the long run by alleviating mistakes, late fees, and penalties. Talk with our team to see how we can create a customized plan for your specific business needs!

What is our process

Part of our process is providing accounting services directly in our accessible and secure cloud. While many accounting firms cling to paper-based processes, we ensure your accounting services are backed by a secure and easy-to-access technology for all of our clients, in the cloud. We also provide support and help with a transfer to the cloud for any businesses who need assistance. Know that your financial information is secure and accurate when they are in the cloud and handled by us!

Our Team

We are accounting nerds but we are anything but typical. We provide our clients with financial information that is easily understood, eliminating hard to understand financial, accounting lingo making our clients feel at ease. Our experts are here to help and are excited to provide each and every client with the error-free support they need!

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