Our Clients


Richelle West is a real estate agent in Ottawa.  With her husband, they’ve lead The West Team Realty for over 6 years.  They are a full-service brokerage that excels in customer service.  They offer their clients free staging, handymen, painting, cleaning and every item of preparation the home requires.  The result is a property that looks better and sells faster than other homes on the market.  Their goal is to maximize the sale price in every neighbourhood and they achieve that by making each listing look and feel incredible. 

The West team has a vision of being a team of choice for both agents and clients.  They try to empower their agents through a supportive, fun and knowledge-based office so clients receive the highest level of service throughout their selling experience. 

“Working with the proper professionals helps us run the foundations of our business allows our team to offer a greater level of service to our clients on a day to day basis.” – Richelle West

Before meeting David from Envolta, Richelle says “…their business just outgrew our old bookkeeper and they didn’t see our vision.  David was able to show us he was able to take on what we wanted to do.”  The West Team has been using Envolta’s services for just under a year.  Richelle’s last bookkeeper wasn’t based in Ottawa.  Since switching to Envolta West reports that they have increased satisfaction and they “…really like the face to face interaction of having my bookkeeper and accountant here [in Ottawa].”  Richelle West was referred to Envolta by their current tax accountant.  She said, “After meeting with David and the Envolta managers I was impressed and I liked their ambition.”

“David put in the effort to build a relationship in the beginning. He was incredibly prompt with emails and replies and in general, I find the Envolta team resourceful and great to work with.”  – Richelle West.

The West Team uses bookkeeping, payroll and in the future plan to do some structuring with Envolta.  Since switching bookkeepers, Richelle is optimistic there will be a lot more opportunity with them.  West likes that Envolta offers a wide variety of services and as her business grows she anticipates, “…everything they offer are things that I will need at some point in my business.”  After using Envolta Richelle is confident this will be able to help her business move forward by utilizing a variety of services.

Richelle West describes working with Envolta as great, thanks to their prompt service and professionalism.  She likes the variety of service they offer since her business is going to require those services in the near future.  As The West Team continues to grow Richelle is looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with Envolta.