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Ottawa Riverkeeper is a charity that works to protect sailable, drinkable and fishable waters.  They have been around for 15 years and going ever since.  They work with many different individuals within the Ottawa watershed to ensure future generations can enjoy clean water. The Ottawa Riverkeeper is a champion and collective voice for the Ottawa river watershed providing leadership and inspiration to protect, promote and improve its ecological health in the future.  They hold annual charity fundraiser The Riverkeeper Gala which is a star-studded event in the Capital. 

Ottawa Riverkeeper is unique because of the sheer size of the watershed it protects.  The Ottawa River Watershed is about the same size as England and spans across two provinces.  This means they need to coordinate with municipal, provincial and federal governments which can create a different set of challenges.  Ottawa Riverkeepers envision an Ottawa River that provides consumable, drinkable and fishable water for current and future generation and is an inspiring model to the world.

In the past 3-4 years, The Ottawa Riverkeeper has experienced tremendous growth which meant a new set of challenges.  Management realized that maintaining internal processes, and bookkeeping at this larger size would be difficult and that outsourcing would be the smartest option.  By doing bookkeeping internally it was diverting the team from completing its mission work. 

We were a nimble small organization where everyone wears many hats and has many roles, but accounting was not our forte.  We have biologists, hydrologists, engineers but we didn’t have any who could help our bookkeeping. When our organization grew those needs became more obvious.”  Patrick Nadeau

The Ottawa Riverkeeper is a grassroots organization and they are able to do their work because of the support from the community, they like to say “it takes a watershed to protect a river.” Since Envolta was approachable and grounded in the community the two organizations shared many similar values.  The Riverkeepers enjoy “real face-time with a real human being that actually comes in our office on a regular basis and helps us with our bookkeeping.”

Envolta provides bookkeeping, payroll services, and convincingly helped the Riverkeepers adopt an online approach to bookkeeping with Quickbooks.  Switching to an online strategy has been a huge help with efficiency and communication when it comes to bookkeeping.   The personalized and responsive service Envolta offers helps The Riverkeepers stay focused on making a positive impact on the health of the watershed.

“David himself is a friend of Riverkeepers and he’s made it a point of supporting our organization throughout the years. We know we are not his only client and it’s great that he is giving back.” Patrick Nadeau

The benefit of using Envolta is that they know the River Keepers numbers, they are an extra set of eyes on the books.  Patrick Nadeau pointed out that Envolta “…regularly flag things that we didn’t catch but they are because they are so familiar with our organization and how we operate.”

The Ottawa Riverkeeper Organization wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Envolta’s personalized services to similar organizations in Ottawa.  They find the in-person service to be extremely valuable and they look forward to growing with them in the future.