Our Clients


Salient Marketing is focused on helping owner-operated businesses succeed through the Internet.  They have been building websites, helping popularize them, and create new business for their clients since 1997.   CEO & owner of Salient Marketing Stephen Lau says that the difference between them and their competitors is the experience they bring to the table.  Stephen says, “…of course everything is good when things are running smoothly, but when problems happen, that is when you need the experience to help solve the issue”

Salient Marketing has been working with Envolta for about 3 years now.  The shortcomings of Stephens previous bookkeeper was “…timing, they just weren’t paying attention to the file”.  Their previous accountant was asked if he cared about the Salient Marketing business and their answer was “no”.  To them, Salient Marketing was just another client.  If they valued the business they would have followed up to make sure everything was filed on-time. 

In the past, the biggest challenges Salient Marketing faced was getting things done on time.  One time they had to pay a fine to CRA because their bookkeeper and accountant didn’t file the necessary paperwork because they both assumed the responsibility would fall onto the other party. 

After being burned in the past, Envolta’s 100% money back guarantee gave Stephen the confidence to hire Envolta in the first place.  Since changing to Envolta Stephen says “…they are pretty good.  They appreciate my business.  I don’t feel like a number anymore.”  When choosing Envolta Stephen thought David had a good head on his shoulders.  When Stephen needs something done he knows he can call David and trusts it will get completed.   

Salient Marketing uses Envolta for bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, billing, and accounts receivable.  Stephen likes the people they hire and that when he calls he can always get a hold of someone. Now that Salient Marketing is with Envolta Stephen spends less time worrying because he is confident that things do get done. 

“When it comes to business you need someone that has your back from a financial perspective.  Envolta has that for me.” Stephen Lau Salient Marketing