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Strawberry Blonde Bakery can be found in the trendy Ottawa neighbourhood of Wellington West.  It was founded 5 years ago by its owner Jacqui Okum.  One thing that makes Strawberry Blonde Bakery special is that they are entirely vegan, gluten-free, and nut free.  They specialize to allergen friendly diets and other dietary choices, and their menu covers all the allergens, not just one. 

The mission of Strawberry Blonde Bakery is to create a place where a growing number of people with food allergies can buy a treat and not have to worry about cross contamination while also not having to sacrifice taste or aesthetics.  With a near perfect rating on Google (4.7), the claim that their goodies taste just as good as their conventional counterparts appears to be true. 

Before going with Envolta Jacqui had a lot of challenges with the accounting and her business.  In the past, Jacqui found that the accountants she used didn’t have the knowledge about retail accounting and taxation.  She explained that the accounting can get pretty complicated since 1-5 baked goods have tax while a half dozen or more are not taxed. 

In just 5 years Strawberry Blonde Bakery has grown from its 2 co-founders to now having 27 employees.  With that kind of success and growth managing the books was a very difficult task.  Since changing to Envolta 3 years ago Jacqui reports that they can focus their energy on filling the orders and baking.

“We were bakers primarily and didn’t know anything about accounting or taxes so managing our books was a bit of a challenge.” – Jacqui Okum

Jacqui and Strawberry Blonde Bakery were introduced to Envolta by their business mentor.  Being an entrepreneur himself he knew the importance of knowing and understanding the businesses finances.  Their previous accountant wasn’t familiar with food retail and provided numbers that were complicated and hard to understand. 

Envolta now takes care of Strawberry Blonde Bakery’s bookkeeping, payroll, and provides consulting services.  Jacqui likes that David knows small business and appreciates that he is running one himself.  Since changing to Envolta Jacqui is happy to report that “…he [David] has shown me ways to grow my business that I would never have thought of before.”  When incorporating and restructuring the business David’s advice proved invaluable when it came to buying shares and things like that. 

Strawberry Blonde Bakery plans to expand to another location in the future.  Without having a good understanding of the businesses numbers how would anyone know if this is a good idea or not?  Thanks to the help of David and his team, Jacqui is confident that Envolta is looking out for the best interests of the business.