Our Team

Ahmed Abdelgawad

Account Manager


(613) 567-7088

My name is Ahmed Abdelgawad, I joined Envolta on Oct 2018 as a Staff Accountant. I partner with business owners and individuals to help them make informed and timely decisions about one of the most critical ares of their lives and the lives of their businesses, their finances.
I find it awesome working in a company like Envolta, embracing the core values of integrity, customer satisfaction and growth, who is always keen to adapt the latest technologies in the industry which doesn’t only put Envolta ahead of most other accounting firms but also achieves utmost efficiency and effectiveness for clients at very affordable prices. I believe that how quickly, accurate and efficient Envolta delivers crucial information to its clients is putting it far ahead of others.

I hold a Bachelors degree in Accounting. After graduation I had a true passion of accounting and finance professions. I find it very fulfilling for my self to be able to help businesses and individuals see how healthy their financial position is and to do absolutely everything in my power to ensure my clients’ success.

I have 10+ years of combined professional experience, before working for Envolta, I worked for CGA Chartered Accountants and HSBC bank where I learned that the customer is the most valuable asset an organization can have

When I’m not helping my clients see a wider and thorough view of their financial position, in my free time I enjoy Reading, Swimming, and playing soccer with my young boy.