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Our most convenient option means all your taxes get handled without you leaving the house. Don’t worry, your info is 100% secure – we’ve built in multiple layers of security to protect you!

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Live locally? Howdy neighbor! If you prefer to submit your tax files in paper form and you live in Ottawa, you can easily drop them off at our centrally located office.

Benefits of using Envolta

Why work with Envolta vs. someone else for your personal taxes?

That is such a great question – and one you should be asking when it comes to your hard-earned money and filing taxes.

If it’s ok with you, we’d love to unashamedly toot our own horn here, and share some of the reasons why Envolta rocks…

File From Anywhere Online

We’re a modern, tech focused firm. With the advanced software and security we’ve set up, you can file 100% online from ANYWHERE in Canada – woot!

You can trust us

We’ve invested a lot of time cultivating a company culture of inclusiveness, warmth and friendliness – we will never make you feel stupid and we’ll explain everything in terms you already understand.

More Money In Your Pocket

We value long-term relationships and want to be there for you every year at tax time. That’s why we go to the ends of the earth to find you the most tax rebates possible – every year!


Best of all, we offer very reasonable, competitive rates for filing that will suit any budget. No hidden extra fees.


Personal tax reviews

We work from our virtual offices and service clients throughout Canada.

“Amazing service, honest, fast, efficient. I have been using Nancy Picco for over 10 years and the service is awesome. I feel assured that my taxes are right and all the deductions I can have are looked after. The new COVID-19 accommodations are super easy and efficient. Highly recommend!”

Renee Couture

Google Review

“Juliano was extremely helpful, quick, funny and not to mention one of the nicest, kindest individuals I’ve ever met. He is sincere and genuine and very fair. I actually left in a really good mood (surprisingly… because taxes are the devil’s work!!) and also motivated to be kinder to people. Thank you so much Juliano, I’ll see you next year! “

Leyla Yashar

Google Review

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