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Please note we will not be accepting new personal tax clients from Jan 1st to May 1st, 2022. If you are an existing client, please choose your previously assigned tax specialist below.

Existing Clients

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Abdul Fatah - Lead Accountant
Lead Accountant
Abdul Fatah
Elaheh Heidari - Lead Accountant
Lead Accountant
Elaheh Heidari
Nancy Picco - Lead Client Advisor
Lead Client Advisor
Nancy Picco

Document Checklist

It's very important you upload any of the following documents you have using step 1 above.

Any T-slips (T3, T4, T5 etc).

Receipts for donations.

Receipts for medical (medication, chiropractic etc).

Rent receipts or property taxes.

Copy of last years tax return.

T2202A (tuition receipt).

Annual student loan interest statement. If you have student loan interest.

Mortgage statement, property taxes, repairs and maintenance & insurance (only required if you have a small business or working from home).

For business returns bring your income (either a listing or spreadsheet which includes income for year, expenses, and if your HST registered your access code), list of expenses, your home expenses (your utilities, mortgage statements, pro taxes, if you are HST registered, we need your HST return as well), if applicable bring your vehicle expenses.

For business returns and/or employment expenses for your vehicle expenses we will need the following: gas, insurance, repairs/maintenance, vehicle sticker registration, lease payments or purchase agreements, logbook of mileage, parking expenses.

For rental returns please bring your income statement, mortgage statements, utilities, property tax, condo fees, repairs maintenance, insurance, legal and accounting fees.

If you have investments or stock trading we need the gain/loss report.