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Tax Season Got You Stressed?

Not anymore. Year-end financial packages provide you with the information you need to painlessly file taxes. Your Envolta representative makes sure your taxes are filed on time and stress-free.

Taxes Can’t Wait. When You Call, We Answer.

Envolta structures its business to make sure every account gets personalized service and your business receives the highest priority. We guarantee our clients the attention they need in order to prepare their tax returns accurately.

Finding An Affordable Accountant Is Hard.

Every individual is different when it comes to tax liabilities. Each account should be handled in a professional and personalized manner. Finding an accountant that fulfils your financial needs can be very difficult. The most expensive tax firms aren’t always the best choice because they don’t provide the unique and specialized service Envolta is known for.

Painless Tax Filing

We get everything you need, prepare your year-end financial statement in a package (minus the bow). Whether you use an Envolta representative or your own, there is no back and forth – one package, done right.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Finances.

Make more accurate decisions, and know precisely the number on your bottom line. Thanks to the amazing software we use, tracking, reporting, and managing your accounts are easier than ever.  Envolta removes the headaches associated with the chore of accounting.

Why Spend Thousands On Accounting And Only Get Accounting?

Clients who used the big expensive firms were satisfied with the accuracy of the accounting, but accounting was all they got. Book a call today and find out how businesses are growing thanks to a partnership with Envolta.

The structure of our business allows us to help individuals and businesses like:

  • Small to medium-sized business
  • Self Employed
  • Drywall Installers, Roofers, Contractors
  • Graphic Designers, Artist, Entertainer
  • Commission Sales People Including Real Estate And Mortgage Agents
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Stock Traders, Options, And Investors
  • Professionals, Doctors, Chiropractors, Lawyers, Dentists
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Seniors
  • Students

The Tax Experts At Envolta Can Also Help With:

  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Overdue Returns
  • Valuations For Matrimonial matters
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Returns
  • Objections
  • T1 Adjustments
  • T4 & Payroll For Caregivers
  • Voluntary Disclosure
  • T1135 Forms
  • Any other tax or accounting matters

Let Us Do Your Taxes, Get Your Refund On The Same Day!

Why wait for CRA to process your tax return and mail you the check? Many people choose to take advantage of our instant tax refund. Bring your tax documents to any of our Ottawa locations and our professionals will determine eligibility and you walk out with your tax refund today!  


We are all taxpayers in the eyes of the Canadian Revenue Agency. This means businesses and individuals alike are expected to do their part. Outside of paying taxes, we are all unique in our own way. The point here is everyone needs their tax liabilities handled in a professional and individualized manner. Consequently, finding an accountant that can fulfil your financial needs when they pertain to your liability for taxes is confusing. Throughout Ontario, there are many offices to choose from. Accordingly, as a matter of cost, the expensive accounting firms are not always the right choice because they may not work towards your best interest.

When it comes to your personal taxes it is best to work with someone that will give you the attention to detail you deserve. At ENVOLTA we have structured our business around the provision of personalized service that focuses on making this our highest priority. We strive to provide our clients the individual attention that they require in order to prepare their tax returns correctly the first time around. This is why we have repeat business on an annual basis. Please take the time to contact us for a consultation this tax season.

Benefits of Our Personal Tax Services:

  • Free Second Look
    Our tax professionals will review the past years of your filed tax returns to ensure you claimed all deductions and credits you were entitled to. If you missed anything, ENVOLTA Inc. can file an adjustment and get you back the money you missed. Free Second Look is offered all year around and we’ll follow up with you when we’ve finished reviewing your return (s)
  • Maximum Refund Guarantee
    We Guarantee we’ll get you the largest refund you`re entitled to.
  • Year- Round Service
    Speak to an experienced tax professional, any time of the year
  • Drop Off Service
    In A rush – No need to wait – just drop off your tax information for prompt and convenient service. We will have your tax package ready for you upon your return.

Instant Tax Refund

In this age of electronic filing, a lot of people opt for getting an instant tax refund. All it takes is bringing in all of your information to any of our office locations and the professionals at ENVOLTA will prepare your return and determine if you qualify for an instant refund from the Canadian Revenue Agency.

Tax Preparation:

When you need your personal income taxes prepared by a professional, ENVOLTA Inc is the service to turn to. We are affordable, quick and accurate, and for any situation, just married, divorced, earning a living via commission pay, or separated, the tax experts are ready to help.

How much does it cost to hire a tax accountant?
Our personal tax returns start at $55 + tax. To file your taxes for your business it will cost more. We also do instant refunds for personal taxes, which is helpful as you get your money quickly and easily on that very day. Click here to book a personal tax appointment.
Should I hire an accountant to do my taxes?
Absolutely! Many people do it themselves but then end up owing money to the Canada Revenue Agency, or even worse, leaving money on the table. For a fee you can get the most out of your personal tax by hiring an accounting and bookkeeping firm such as ours.
Who can you call for tax questions?
For tax questions we can help! Whether you’re filing personal or business, we make sure your tax questions are answered. To book a personal tax appointment, click here.
How do I do personal taxes?
We don’t suggest filing personal taxes yourself or any taxes for that matter yourself, it’s best to work with a qualified team so you don’t miss out or end up owing with costly mistakes. To see our rates, click here.
How much should I pay my tax preparer?
The average cost for tax filing is $50 to $100 for personal taxes and more for business. At Envolta we charge $55 + tax for personal, see our full rates here.
Is it better to do taxes online or in person?
If you drop off your personal tax documents we can file your taxes, you can also come into one of our 4 locations in Ottawa. If you have a business in Canada we do business tax and bookkeeping all over Canada. To book a time online go here.
When should you pay someone to do your taxes?


As we said before, if you aren’t a professional you don’t know the range of changes happening on a yearly basis with CRA, therefore you could be leaving money on the table or stuck with owing money. We suggest you book with a professional like us!

Can I get my tax refund instantly?
Absolutely, we do instant tax refunds at one of our many locations and can get you your personal tax refund right away.
How does instant refund work?
With an instant refund, you assign your tax refund over to Envolta. When CRA finalizes your return, they send the tax refund to us at Envolta. This way we can give you your refund on the spot. The caveat is that the cash amount you receive is not the full amount of the expected refund. We do instant refunds at our Ridgewood location here.
What's the fastest you can receive your tax refund?
The minimum time to get your personal tax refund is 10 days.
How quick can I get my tax refund?
The speed which you can get your personal tax refund is 10 days.