Tax and Accounting Resources

CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency)

This is the central operating agency for the administration and enforcement of taxation here in Canada. Their scope includes controlling certain economic and social incentive programs that function as outcomes of the tax system.

The CRA offers electronic services available for the following:


You can file a return, make a payment, change your personal information, fill a dispute, determine family benefits, or set up a direct deposit.


File a return, make a payment, register a business, get information, make an online request, calculate payroll deductions, make an electronic payment, download or order forms and publications, and various other actions that are available.

Tax preparers

File a return or make a payment for an individual or business client, get information, subscribe to an electronic mailing list, download or order forms and publications.

Charities and donors

Perform research for locating a registered charity, calculate charitable donation tax credits, and change a charity’s address.