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Tax Planning

Although it seems like a simple process, paying taxes can get complicated. There is a bit more to it than doing the math to figure out how much you owe at the end of the year. In any case, as a Canadian taxpayer, you are not alone. However, it can get even more complicated if you own and operate a business or property outside the Canadian borders, which means you would have to deal with foreign tax payments in addition. This is where you can benefit by planning your tax payments in advance. One way to do so is to utilize an Ottawa tax planning service made available to all residences in Ottawa. The tax breakdown is Federal tax and Provincial tax both due annually. The idea behind tax planning is to build a strategy around the knowledge based on what items and expenses are deductible on a business tax return at both the Federal and Provincial levels. Moreover, this same type of strategy may apply to personal taxes. The accountants here at ENVOLTA understand the methods that identify the avenues that allow businesses and individuals alike to lessen their tax burden. The methods come straight out of the Canadian law books, making tax planning a perfectly viable way to pay lower taxes. ENVOLTA takes great pleasure in saving their clients money when or however possible. We have found the best way to do so is through planning on the amount of tax our client may be prepared to pay at year-end. Being accountants in Ottawa we offer this service to the Canadian citizens living Ottawa and the surrounding area.

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