Mar 27, 2020

COVID-19 & Your Business: Why You Must Act Now & Get Your Accounting on the Cloud


Ashley Ryan: There’s a lot going on globally with the COVID-19 crisis, especially around businesses functioning properly in the accounting space. Why do you think it’s more important than ever right now to be on the cloud? And if you don’t do it. There’s going to be consequences. 

Chris, why is it important to get your accounting and bookkeeping, everything on the cloud.

Chris Evans: Well, for starters, we’ve essentially established a paperless world and within our office environment we’re working remotely. We have teams that work a hundred percent remotely. We don’t need that face to face, kind of in person meeting anymore. It doesn’t exist anymore. And the documents, everything can be done electronically. 

And given the current situation, we’re restricted. We can’t operate in the way we used to, our offices are closed so NON CLOUD is off the table for just about every accountant right now. 

Given the current state of affairs, the dropping off your receipts and your documents, doesn’t really exist anymore. What’s your alternative? At this point, we have to jump on the cloud. You have to do the electronic document transfers which Envolta is set up for, we’re experts in and we’ve been doing it for years now.

So this isn’t something that’s new to us at Envolta. This isn’t something we’re inexperienced with, we’re well versed in this world, the cloud based world and electronic document storage and transfer.

Ashley Ryan: With a non cloud based accountant. You’re going in, you’re bringing your documents in, you’re visiting the office, you have to drive. It’s a pain in the butt. What else besides germs and COVID-19 can make their lives easier with cloud based accounting?

Chris Evans: Nobody wants to store those receipts and then to have to put them all together in a package, it’s annoying at best. You’re taking the time out of your day to drive to your town’s office and spend an hour and drive back, so it’s always going to happen, probably in the middle of the day of business day. And Envolta we’ve set ourselves up where we can meet you at any time. And from anywhere virtually really you can meet us on a job site.

We can ask you for these documents at any time you can send them to us from when you’re back at home or first thing in the morning.

Ashley Ryan: And people have access to the click of a button. Right, they can access their financials from anywhere, which can come in handy. If you’re making a big financial decision and you need something on the fly. You can just pull it up.

Ashley Ryan: People might say, oh, it’s unsecure it’s not safe.

But I would say, online banking is that safe for the most part, it absolutely is. There’s going to be a minor risk, but generally cloud accounting is very safe. 

Chris Evans: No, there’s no there’s no real risk to it.

Chris Evans: 10 years ago maybe that would have been a reason not to jump on cloud based accounting, but not in 2020, that excuse doesn’t exist. They have so many fail safes in place, multiple servers in multiple locations backing up your data.

Chris Evans: I mean, they have to treat it like there’s the bank. So consider them. One of the big banks in terms of their security everybody’s got to be in line with this, there’s always a risk with online banking, but so minimal that it’s not to be really concerned.

Ashley Ryan: If you’re doing things on paper, statistics have even shown that accounting is moving on to the cloud. And what you’re doing is going to be obsolete. 

Ashley Ryan: It’s like in the old days, and we said, Oh, those, you know, computers or DVDs, we’re never going to need those. 

Chris Evans: DVDs are gone.

Chris Evans: Or desktop software DVD and where Netflix.

Ashley Ryan: Okay, there we go. We are Netflix. Envolta is the Netflix of cloud accounting.

Ashley Ryan: The only way you’re going to get to outsource and improve your processes and all these other things is if you get on the cloud. 

Chris Evans: I think the first point is that they shouldn’t consider it, they should do it right. The time for waiting is over if the current state of affairs has told us anything.

Any excuse not to join the cloud now has been eliminated, it doesn’t exist anymore. 

Ashley Ryan: You know, some of you might have some mixed things happening like in house accounting and then, you know, it’s like, how do I make that transition, it’s no problem. We do that transition all the time. We’re going to make it really easy for you.

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