Meet Our Team

Welcome to our team of accountants and bookkeepers

With the head office in Ottawa and clients across Canada, ENVOLTA has team members that make our company tick. From dealing with customers, to handling any accounting situation, we have the staff to do it. In addition, our team members come from a diverse range of backgrounds, have varied skills, and enjoy lots of different things.


David DiNardo - CEO/Founder
CEO / Founder
David Dinardo, MBA
Victoria Peters - Chief Operations Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Victoria Peters
Josh Veldman - Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Officer
Josh Veldman
Chris Evans - Lead Client Advisor
Lead Client Advisor
Chris Evans
Nancy Picco - Lead Client Advisor
Lead Client Advisor
Nancy Picco
Renee Dierdorff - Lead Client Advisor
Lead Client Advisor
Renee Dierdorff, MBA
Juliano DiNardo - Lead Client Advisor
Lead Client Advisor
Juliano DiNardo
Anna Tung - Head of People & Culture
Head of People & Culture
Anna Tung


Inderjit Kaur - Workflow Manager
Workflow Manager
Inderjit Kaur, CPA
Mariam Reda - Workflow Manager
Workflow Manager
Mariam Reda
Geneva Redulla - Workflow Manager
Workflow Manager
Geneva Redulla
Gregory Johnson - Practice Manager
Practice Manager
Gregory Johnson

Customer Success

Valerie Fergusson - Workflow Manager
Workflow Manager
Valerie Fergusson
Catherine Jones - Workflow Manager
Workflow Manager
Cathy Jones
Mike Picco - Sentry
Mike Picco

Tax Accountant

Abdul Fatah - Lead Accountant
Lead Accountant
Abdul Fatah
Elaheh Heidari - Lead Accountant
Lead Accountant
Elaheh Heidari
Anass Mebtoul - Lead Acountant
Lead Accountant
Anass Mebtoul
Negin Afshari - Associate Accountant
Associate Accountant
Negin Afshari
Jacky Brown - Associate Accountant
Associate Accountant
Jacky Brown

Cloud Bookkeeper

Michael Andrade - Lead Bookkeeper
Lead Bookkeeper
Michael Andrade
Rachel Boutet - Lead Bookkeeper
Lead Bookkeeper
Rachel Boutet
Megha Jain - Lead Bookkeeper
Lead Bookkeeper
Megha Jain
Angela MacGregor - Lead Bookkeeper
Lead Bookkeeper
Angela Macgregor
Brent Pecoskie - Lead Bookkeeper
Lead Bookkeeper
Brent Pecoskie
Joy Veldman - Associate Bookkeeper
Lead Bookkeeper
Joy Veldman
Jacqui Mandick - Lead Bookkeeper
Lead Bookkeeper
Jacqui Mandick
Cesar Talahiban - Intermediate Bookkeeper
Lead Bookkeeper
Cesar Talahiban
Alain Truax - Associate Bookkeeper
Associate Bookkeeper
Alain Truax
Karanjot Singh - Associate Bookkeeper
Associate Bookkeeper
Karanjot Singh
Favour Asunbo - Associate Bookkeeper
Associate Bookkeeper
Favour Asunbo
Erin Thorne - Associate Bookkeeper
Associate Bookkeeper
Erin Thorne
Matthew Hebert
Associate Bookkeeper
Matthew Hebert
Sean Dupuis
Associate Bookkeeper
Sean Dupuis

We’re Hiring

Toss your tie and come and work for the most cutting-edge accounting firm in Canada!

We take a modern approach to numbers and the same applies to our team and inclusive company culture. We embrace growth and reward excellence, ensuring your career with us will be long-term, fun and with a focus on work/ life balance. Apply today – we can hardly wait to support your goals!