Clio & QBO: Legal Accounting Software Canada

Legal professionals have plenty to do without worrying about all the accounting and case management details in their practice. That’s why Envolta supports Clio, one of the most popular legal accounting software solutions in Canada.

As a certified Clio partner, we can expertly use Clio to assist your law firm’s accounting and maximize your savings.

Clio & QBO: Legal Accounting Software Canada
Accounting Solutions for Law Firms

Accounting Solutions for Law Firms

Law firms often run into common issues in their accounting that take their time and distract from more important tasks. The biggest ones include billing practices, tracking records, and handling tax deductions.

Here’s how Clio can help!

Automating Billing Practices

Billing is a required and consistent activity for law firms. Unfortunately, in many firms, the process is carried out manually and haphazardly.

Legal accounting software like Clio can automate the process for you, including when to send a bill, defining the grace period for payment, and setting the interest rate or late fees for overdue bills – not just in general, but for each client individually as well.

Clio also allows you to accept payment for multiple bills at the same time and process credit card payments securely and compliantly.

Simplifying Tax Deductions for Lawyers

Business expenses that are both ordinary and necessary can be claimed as deductions, including home office, advertising, travel, and education expenses.

Every dollar counts, so wouldn’t it be helpful to have a law firm accounting software solution like Clio that can help you account for all of your deductions year-round? It makes tax time a whole lot easier!

Keeping Track of Accounting Records

Staying on top of your accounting records can be a challenge, especially for a firm with many lawyers all tracking time and billing clients independently.

Because Clio is cloud-based accounting software for attorneys, your entire staff is able to manage these records all in one place.

Clio Manage Subscriptions for Law Firm

Clio Manage is an all-in-one practice management subscription for law firms.

If you want a way to handle everything in one place, including case management, advanced document management, billing, and payment, then Clio Manage is worth looking at. You can learn more about it at

Make Your Life Easier with Lawyer Billing Software from Envolta

As helpful as Clio can be for practice management, it’s only half of the equation for a law practice. The other key piece of the puzzle is billing and accounting, which is what we can help set up and maintain for you here at Envolta.

When you need to bill for client time, wouldn’t it be helpful if the whole process was seamless from start to finish and didn’t require a lot of manual involvement?

At Envolta, we leverage technology like Clio – plus our own accounting software – to handle all of your billing and enable you to track payments with ease.

Legal Accounting Software and Clio Payments Integration

Our accounting software of choice is QuickBooks Online, an industry standard that integrates smoothly with Clio.

You can easily streamline your firm’s accounting by integrating legal accounting software like QuickBooks Online with Clio Payments to handle billing and payment.

In general, the powerful integration between Clio and QuickBooks Online will ensure that your trust transactions are in sync and disbursements are always accounted for.

Currently, Clio Manage offers syncing with QuickBooks Online for several key features:


Sync time tracking for billable work from Clio to QuickBooks


Sync billing through Clio’s customizable payment plans, billing plans, and online credit card payments


Sync financial information, contacts, invoices, and transactions between Clio and Quickbooks

If you currently use (or want to use) Clio, here are some of the services Envolta can help with:


Clio account setup


Ongoing accounting and bookkeeping services


Migrations and integrations



The Powerful Combination of Clio and Envolta

Envolta and Clio are a powerful partnership for law firms that need to upgrade their accounting. As a certified Clio partner and a cloud accounting firm specializing in the law industry, Envolta provides effective accounting services and leverages Clio to assist law firms.

Overall, Envolta can help make the backend accounting and management work easier for your team, so they have the bandwidth to focus on what they do best!

Envolta & Clio – Best Legal Accounting Practices for Law Firms

Legal cases are multifaceted and require many hands to handle effectively. You don’t just need accounting software, or just practice management software – you need people who know how to leverage these tools to make your job easier

With Envolta + Clio, that’s exactly what you can expect. We’ve helped many law firms with everything from software setup and integrations to training and ongoing services, and we can help you too.

Best Legal Accounting Practices for Law Firms
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