Bookkeeping for Law Firms Toronto – Cloud-based Bookkeeping Solutions

ENVOLTA Inc is a locally owned accounting firm that serves all of Toronto and the surrounding area. We provide bookkeeping services for a wide range of Toronto law firms and legal practice.

Discover how our next-generation legal bookkeeping Toronto experts can take care of your books, freeing you up to focus on running your business!

Bookkeeping for Law Firms Toronto - Cloud-based Bookkeeping Solutions

Bookkeeping Services for Your Legal Practices in Toronto

Bookkeeping is about more than recording transactions and balancing the books.
Here are a few ways that Envolta’s bookkeeping services can help your Toronto legal practice:

Ensure Compliance with Tax Laws

As a legal practice, you never want to run afoul of any local, provincial, or federal laws. Envolta has tax experts on staff to ensure that your books are compliant with all tax laws, allowing you to devote attention to more important tasks.

You’ll also receive detailed reports so that, come tax time, you can file business tax returns with ease.

Track Legal Spend

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and this is no exception for your law practice. When you see where your dollars are going, you can make better business decisions. With Envolta, you can track your expenses daily and throw away all of your receipts.

Automate Your Billing Process

Your firm’s staff shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time doing billing or collections manually, and they shouldn’t have to take time learning new software either.

Instead, work with Envolta and our software to streamline your operations, including billing and invoicing. We’ll automate the process of billing and handle all the heavy lifting for you.

Online Bookkeeping Services for Lawyers

Envolta offers a range of online bookkeeping services to help Toronto lawyers access their business and financial health on demand. With Envolta’s online system, you get the benefits of an ‘in-house’ bookkeeper without the drawbacks.

You’ll be assigned an Envolta staff member to review your documents, post them in your accounting file on our server, and answer any questions you may have.

Some common transactions and tasks include:


Billing for services provided to your clients


Recording receipts


Verifying and recording invoices from suppliers


Paying suppliers


Providing financial reports

Online Bookkeeping Services for Lawyers

Our cloud-based service is powered by QBO accounting software, which provides an app you can use to access your firm’s books anytime on a mobile phone or tablet.

Online bookkeeping services also provide many benefits that you wouldn’t get with more traditional methods, including significant time savings, convenience, and personalized attention.

Cloud Software to Validate Your Data

Envolta’s QBO cloud accounting software can validate your data and ensure that all of your financial details are in order.

Plus, our accounting services are in the cloud, which means your numbers are always accessible and safe. There’s no need to hunt down random Excel spreadsheets or manual ledgers.

Online Bookkeeping Q&A

How much does legal bookkeeping cost in Toronto?

We believe that bookkeepers should be paid a flat fee based on the results they deliver. That’s why we provide custom pricing based on the level of your business needs.

The rates you can expect range from $500 per month up to $5000+ per month, depending on the volume and needs of your business

What is included in the bookkeeping services for lawyers?

We provide a range of different bookkeeping services for lawyers through several predefined package levels.

But ultimately, our job is to help you know where your firm’s money is coming from and where it’s going, and to ensure your books are fully prepared by tax time.

Do Envolta’s bookkeepers do payroll for lawyers?

Absolutely! We hire payroll specialists whose sole job is to manage payroll for our clients. If your firm has any need for payroll or bookkeeping services, be sure to schedule your consult today.

Does Envolta offer bookkeeping services to solo lawyers in Toronto?

Yes! We work with businesses at every level, including solo lawyers, small teams, and large firms.

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