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Data Validation Rather Than Data Entry.

Our software will automate your bookkeeping process. Everything you need to track financials is in the palm of your hand.

How Does Bookkeeping Help My Business?

Know exactly where your money is coming and going. Understanding cash flow allows you to make better decisions. Come tax time you will be up to date. Having accurate books maximizes your returns.

Quickly Assess Your Business’s Financial Health.

One of the most important aspects of a successful business is having accurate and up to date ledgers and journals. Take the pulse of your business, see where allocated funds are being spent and more importantly help you locate revenue or income. Ask any of our clients and they will tell you the key to success is knowing the numbers. Our bookkeeping services keep you informed, help to make better decisions and be prepared for the future.

Do You Dread Tax Season?

You wouldn’t if you had monthly financial reporting and a year-end tax sheet! CRA treats businesses as a single entity and the burden of having to file taxes is on the business, just like an individual. Tax season can be a time consuming, overwhelming and confusing time. Envolta turns tax season from a nightmare to a dream.  

Track Your Expenses Daily.

Keeping your books up to date and in order is the best way to make sure your tax season goes smooth and without surprises. Envolta has curated dozens of apps and software that automate the numbers process, making it easier than ever to stay organized.

Throw Away The Receipts!

Storing your receipts and correlating transactions is as easy as using the camera on your phone. Increase profitability by making every business expense count. Gone are the days of looking through banker’s boxes for “that one invoice”.

Solve Your Bookkeeping Woes.

Book a call. Fixed pricing, great service, one solution.

Bookkeeping Without The Stress.

Change the way you look at bookkeeping. Book a call today.

How much should I pay a bookkeeper per hour?

We believe that bookkeepers shouldn’t be paid per hour, but a flat fee based on the results they deliver. When you pay someone hourly they aren’t motivated to be quick and efficient, this can lead to scope creep and being slapped with a huge bill you didn’t expect. At Envolta we charge based on the level of your business VS hourly. Find out more here.

What does a bookkeeper do for a small business?

Bookkeeping clerks, also known as bookkeepers, are responsible for some or all of an organization’s accounts and financials. They record transactions and post debits (costs) and credits (income). They also produce financial statements and other reports for managers. At Envolta we have top notch bookkeepers. To get a free bookkeeping quote, go here.

Do bookkeepers do taxes?

While some bookkeepers know how to do taxes, typically bookkeepers focus on the minute aspect of the financials while the accountant or tax filer focuses on the bigger picture. Bookkeepers prepare the items for the tax filers to file. At Envolta we file tax and do bookkeeping, if you have a small or medium size business and want a free tax quote go here.

Do bookkeepers do payroll?

Yes, bookkeepers can do payroll. At Envolta because we believe in top notch service we have payroll specialists focused solely on payroll. This allows for the best possible quality work. If you have bookkeeping or payroll needs, go here for a free chat.

Can a bookkeeper prepare tax returns?

Some bookkeepers CAN prepare tax returns, but generally the tax preparer focuses on the bigger picture while the bookkeeper focuses on the nitty gritty and minute details. At Envolta we do both taxes and bookkeeping, and go here to find out more about how we can help.

How much should I pay for bookkeeping services?

Bookkeeping rates range from $400 per month all the way up to $3000+ per month, it totally depends on the volume and needs of your business. To get a free and very specific quote, you can go here.

What is included in bookkeeping services?

At Envolta we have different package levels of bookkeeping for different needs. It totally depends on the needs of your business, we suggest getting a free consultation here.


This is the centre of all accounting and therefore it is necessary to have a business’s bookkeeping, (the ledgers & journals), in order. This facilitates monitoring a business’s financial health showing where allocated funds go to cover liabilities and expenses, in addition to where other resourced funds may show as revenue or income. The information contained in the financial statements, derived from these bookkeeping, garners the information needed to pay taxes.

This same or similar information plays the same role when looking to pay personal taxes. Stating this, businesses, receive the treatment of a single entity, and as such, the burden of having to file taxes falls to a business with similar weight as it does to an individual. In either scenario, tax time may be confusing, overwhelming, and time consuming for the uninitiated. The reason behind keeping the books up to date and accurate is when tax time arrives the accountant preparing the tax return needs to correlated all transactions listed in the books to the  tax return. This means having all the proper documentation that should accompany this information as well. This is important because, while most understand that remuneration is necessary for income, not all are aware that certain expenses may reduce the amount needed thus putting more profit into the business. Therefore, having ENVOLTA do your bookkeeping and accounting ensures that your taxes are right and filed correctly. ENVOLTA provides the following bookkeeping services for Small to Medium Size businesses within the Ottawa region.


Our Ottawa bookkeeping services include:

  • Accounting System Setup
  • Government Reporting
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
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