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Do Your Employees Send Timesheets At 11:30pm The Day Before Payroll?

Clients do NOT enjoy payroll. With Envolta there’s no more stress, no more wasted time, no more long hours. Thanks to easy-to-use mobile applications we automate your payroll. Let the software track time, calculate taxes, pension and vacation. Send out bills and get paid faster.  Free up your time and stop wasting it on tasks that should be done by a computer.

Paying Valued Employees Shouldn’t Be Seen As A Chore.

We get it, hours, taxes, deductions, EI… payroll can be super complicated. Envolta offers software that simplifies and automates your payroll process. Hours are calculated, taxes are paid and deductions are removed just by setting the autopilot.  

Recurring Payroll In A Few Clicks.

We have systems that automate your payroll. Did an employee take vacation time, or call in sick? Using a visual interface, simply adjust the number of hours worked and our system does the rest. It doesn’t get any easier.

Envolta makes completing payroll so easy, you might actually look forward to payday.

Simple, Flexible, Automated Systems.

Pay your employees automatically with direct deposit. Run payroll from your office or phone with an easy to use and intuitive application. Envolta software is easy to use, mobile and flexible.  

Having Troubles, Or Have A Question?

Envolta is here to provide all the support you need. We’re confident it’s so simple that you won’t need us but we’re here when you need us.

Mistake-Free Payroll.

Payroll isn’t just a list of employees and the hours they worked. Viewing employees as a line item puts your business at risk of underperforming. Understand the needs of your team and they will reward your business.   

Your Payroll System Should Be An Employee Perk.

Employee pay is about more than just timing and accuracy. Envolta makes life better by allowing you to provide:

  • Automate direct payments
  • Up to date tax codes that can change with a birth or marriage
  • Accurate tax deductions to prevent under or overpaying
  • Easily manage vacation time and track unused hours that roll over from year to year
  • Demonstrate the value your business with automated pension calculations, insurance payments, and other benefits
  • Submit, approve and reimburse expenses and travel claims hassle free
  • Give employees access to pay slips, and T4’s  


Attract The Best Talent Thanks To Painless Payroll.

The best employees are attracted to companies that offer a little bit more. Feeling valued, increases morale, productivity and this adds to your bottom line. It’s expensive to train new employees. Don’t lose experienced and valuable workers because of payroll omissions and errors.  

Change The Way You View Payroll.

Let us connect with you and demonstrate the simplicity of Envolta’s payroll software and how it seamlessly integrates with all your accounting.  

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