Nov 13, 2015

What is the difference between Accountants and Tax Preparers?


To begin with, it does not take a certified accountant to prepare taxes correctly and sufficiently. In addition, not all accountants obligate themselves to this sort of task, however, they can if they choose. In either scenario, the individual must learn, and study the tax laws for a given year and make sure their knowledge stays current from tax year to tax year.

The reason for this is governments change the tax laws every year like clockwork. This is why some accountants choose to focus their careers on tax preparation. So, when you or your business wants to find an expert in this field, it pays to look for a tax accountant. There is no other answer, really. People who prepare taxes only through well known services here in Ottawa generally have no formal education and only work in  places like this once a year. Additionally, services such as this only cater to individuals not business.

As a business owner in Ottawa you should have a Ottawa accountant specializing in tax look at your books two to four times in a given fiscal period. This is due to some businesses paying taxes every six months or quarterly. Pursuing this action will ensure your books are in order and ready to generate the proper reports and calculate the tax burden correctly by identifying legitimate deductions ahead of time.

Naturally, in the long run paying a tax accountant to prepare your returns is less expensive than having your sister-in-laws daughter prepare them and have to go through a CRA audit. Make the smart choice, as a professional Ottawa business owner use a professional to prepare your taxes.

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