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Non-Profit Accounting Services


Nonprofits need to run better than for profit business’

Being accountable to so many different stakeholders means your numbers need to be on time and accurate. The board of directors wants to see how the money is being spent and in a timely manner. Envolta provides all the tools you need to automate your reporting and keep the money coming in.  




Don’t Let Personnel Changes Slow Down Your Mission.




The nature of nonprofit organizations means a high turnover of employees, board members, executives, and volunteers. Your mission is too important to stop and play catch up for each new hire. Envolta’s services mean your new employees can easily be brought up to speed and hit the ground running and keep the mission going.  




Focus On The Mission Not Tax Law.




Despite running like a business, nonprofits focus is on the work they do for the community. At Envolta, we understand and that’s why we help do the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping you compliant and running smoothly. Your expertise should be on the work you do, not the legality of taxation.  




More Efficiency Means Greater Impact For Your Mission.




Just because you’re a nonprofit doesn’t mean you can’t be operating better. The more efficient your organization is, the more impact you’ll make. Envolta works with your organization to better understand the numbers so you can:




* Put together more accurate budgets
* Communicate with the board of directors regarding financial matters
* Identify accounting opportunities to cut costs and put that money back on your bottom line




Board Members Like Transparent And Accountable Budgets.




Your budget is just a financial document that shows how your organization plans to spend money on goals and objectives. Sounds easy enough… but what happens when your financial position changes, you lose a large donor or income is disrupted?  




A well-planned budget gives you financial control and partnering with Envolta means your nonprofit can reach its fullest potential.




Accounting Software Is Designed For Business Not Nonprofits And Charities.




Not all accounting software is designed with a nonprofit organizational structure in mind. The software we use is robust and capable of handling businesses of all kinds including nonprofits.  Make sure your accounting partner has the software that works for all kinds of businesses.




Collaborate In The Cloud!




To save money, nonprofits are often structured with employees working remotely or from home.  No matter where your team is located, Envolta provides tools that mean your team can expense, invoice and work from anywhere in the world!




Save Time And Automate It.




Get more done in less time by using automation tools that come with Envolta software. This will allow you to automate tasks like payroll, invoicing and expense reporting can be completed from your desktop or mobile phone, while in the office or on the go.




We Are Already Working With Nonprofits.




Nonprofits are drawn towards working with Envolta. Envolta keeps the board of directors and investors happy by providing budgets and reporting in a timely manner thanks to automated tools.




You Are Experts In Your Field And We Are Experts In Ours.




Providing accounting help nonprofits are missing means they can focus on increasing revenue and making the biggest impact possible. Envolta helps by specializing in the accounting department so you can focus on your expertise.




We Want To Help Make A Difference.




We believe we can help your organization grow regardless of the size. The bigger the budget the more we can save. Our cloud-based software is simple to use and easy to learn. Read our case study on the impact we’ve had working with The Ottawa Riverkeepers. Envolta is proud to give back to the community by partnering with nonprofits.




Enter Your Next Board Meeting With A Solid Understanding Of Your Numbers.




Book a call and see how Envolta empowers nonprofits with simple yet effective accounting practices.  




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