Accounting for Startups

Don’t become a statistic, 50% of Canadian startups fail in 5 years.

It’s not rocket science, make money on products and services and you can be one of the 50% who succeed. The difficulty comes with tracking things like payroll, invoices, and payments. That’s where Envolta helps. We automate everything so you can better manage your income, expenses and time. The easiest way to help your startup succeed is knowing your finances. The easiest way to know your finances is Envolta.

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Envolta gets you paid.

After you send an invoice how much of your time is spent checking accounts and following up? Envolta software lets you make professional invoices, tracks payments and send gentle reminders to accounts past due.

Measure how long payroll takes in clicks not hours.

Your employees are valued ambassadors of your brand. Payroll should be a time to celebrate the value they bring, and the jobs you create. Through automation and simplification, Envolta eliminates the headache of managing payroll, calculating taxes and deducting employment insurance. Complete your payroll with more accuracy and in less time while eliminating the stress with help from Envolta.

Startups should be getting an ROI on accounting.

Most accountants provide great bookkeeping that keeps you compliant with CRA. Envolta believes that accounting is more than that. Through software, automation, consulting and customer service, we provide value that has a measurable impact on the success of your startup.

24/7 reporting with the Envolta cloud.

The Envolta Cloud is the HQ for your business’ financial documents. Real time reporting, graphs, histograms, forecasts all at your fingertips. Log in anytime and check the profitability of your startup.

Maximize tax savings.

What is the structure of your startup? Partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation? Envolta has tax experts that clearly explain the benefits, risks and rewards of each business structure. Keep your cash on hand to purchase inventory, invest in a new location or a rainy day. We help startups grow by increasing cash flow and maximizing tax savings.

Accounting software for your startup.

Mismanaging finances is the number one reason startup fail. Trying to integrate a suite of accounting software on your own comes with compatibility issues and creates a whole new set of problems. Also, think about the cost of all those licenses! Envolta offers a curated suite of software guaranteed to seamlessly work together, all included for a fixed price. Don’t let your startup fail because of mismanaged finance.

Envolta offers solutions that improve the accuracy of timesheets, make tax deductions easier and automate what used to be a painful process.

Envolta offers solutions that make maintaining daily bookkeeping easier than ever. Cloud hosting means you can upload from anywhere, whether in the office or on the go. Real-time reporting means you get a live snapshot into the performance of your business.

Envolta offers solutions that make tax time breeze by. No more shoeboxes. We provide a platform that makes categorizing your expenses easy. Do you have a team with expenses? It’s easier than ever to track reimbursements, delete duplicate submissions and count every dollar that impacts your bottom line.

Bookkeeping & Accounting for Your Startup

Envolta, provide all of these services to small to medium size health-related offices in Ottawa.

Will your startup be viable in 5 years?

Not without effective cash flow management, it won’t. Envolta was once a startup and we know what it takes to succeed. If you think your accounting firm should be making you money in the long run book a call with us today.

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Let’s bring your books into the 21st Century

With so many accounting firms out there, it’s hard to know who you can trust. That’s why our entire company culture is anchored in honesty and transparency. We have hundreds of happy clients, which has made us the fastest growing accounting firm in Canada.